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Our hair salon is located in Tampines, Singapore. We provide professional hair services such as hair cut & wash, hair color, hair perm, rebonding, hair treatment and scalp restoration.


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We are a team of experienced hair stylists in this industry for over a decade. When you visit us, we can assure you receive the best professional & quality service and sound advice & recommendation on the type of hair style that would be suitable for you and if your hair condition allows certain services such as bleaching which might cause unwanted damage in the future.

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Appreciate if you could schedule your appointment 1 DAY in advance to avoid any disappointment.
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Kindly State the type of hair & the length when you make an appointment with us

Our Popular Premium Hair Buffet

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The Ultimate Treatment

Scena+ Mucota

Naturally soft, smooth & silky hair everyday

Scena+ is a new exquisite treatment from Mucota that restores hair internally using ingredients found in hair itself.
Mucota Scena+ is specially formulated for asian hair types with Advance Nan0 CMC+ (Cell Membrane Comples), nano moisturizing amino acids, lipids, proteins.
Our new advance CMC+ penetrates through hair payers effectively and replenishes lost CMC restoring hair internally.

Algana ±

A new standard for creative possibilities in hair design

Hair feels softer, smoother with a healthy shine
More natural looking hair
No harsh chemicals
100% safe
Less damaging than other treatments
Tames frizzy hair
Lasts up to 6 months or longer


Hair Cut

Hair Color

Hair Perm

Hair Treatment

Perfect Curls

Scalp Treatment

What We Do

We are all about HAIR

Wash & Blow
Short - $16
Medium - $20
Long - $24
Extra Long - $28

Wash & Cut
Men - $23
Short - $28
Medium - $30
Long - $35
Extra Long - $40

Wash & Styling
$35 - $45

Fringe Cut

Student Cut (For Primary & Secondary School Students Only)
$15 - $18 (NO WASH)

Hoyu Promaster Color
Men - $55
Short - $80
Medium - $100
Long - $120
Extra Long - $140

Root Retouch
Men - $55
Short - $65

Men - $60
Short - $80
Medium - $100
Long - $120
Extra Long - $130

Digital Perm
Short - $120
Medium - $140
Long - $160
Extra Long - $180

Normal Perm
Men - $55
Short - $80
Medium - $100
Long - $120
Extra Long - $140

Men - $80
Short - $120
Medium - $140
Long - $160
Extra Long - $180

HOYU 3 Step Treatment
Short - $88
Medium - $108
Long - $128
Extra Long - $148

Protein Treatment
$50 - $80

Scalp Treatment
Men - $58
Short - $78
Medium - $88
Long - $98

Olaplex Treatment
Short - $108
Medium - $128
Long - $148
Extra Long - $168

Anti Frizz Treatment
Short - $180
Medium - $200
Long - $220
Extra Long - $240

Keratin Treatment
Short - $250
Medium - $280
Long - $300
Extra Long - $350

Kindly Book your appointment 1 DAY in advance

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Kindly State the type of hair & the length when you make an appointment with us


Recent Work

Creative Hair Color

Mucota Treatment

Hairlicious Perms

Perfect Curls

Hair Made Easy

I’ve been to Searching Salon twice, the first to perm my hair and the second to crop my hair short. Both experiences have been great, the stylists understand what their customers want and offer fantastic advice upon consultation. On both occasions, I walked away feeling more than satisfied with the results. I’ve recommended friends over to this salon, and they gave great feedback as well. This will be my go-to salon from now on! Highly recommended!

Elizabeth Choo

Went for the Hair buffet with my sister and was really satisfied with the results. They were very patient in explaining the perms and my curls turned out amazing! I’d definitely recommend this salon to my friends.

Shermaine Chngy

I have been going to this salon for a couple of years now and thought it’s probably time to write a review of their service. So this is a cozy little place run by two guys, James and Nick. What’s special about them is, they never hard sell and they only offer you what they think it’s suitable for you based on your hair condition. I have been pestering James to perm my hair but he always told me to wait a little longer when all my rotten ends are trimmed off then do the perm. And when I said I want some fanciful colors he will also advised otherwise because too many chemical processes are bad for my hair. Usually salons will persuade you to do this and that but this never happens here. Btw, I love their scalp treatment and will usually do that after colouring to cleanse my scalp, it’s super refreshing. And I like their colouring because my hair don’t stink of ammonia and I also don’t feel the biting feeling which I previously felt when I colour my hair at other salons.

Cecilia Ho

I have been a long customer of James even before he and Nick started up Searching Salon. James is very professional and I always seek his advices when I want to try something new on my hair. He is patient and gives honest opinion which I really value. The location of the salon is accessible and cosy. Do come and try their service and im sure you will come back again

Germaine Lua

I would like to thank Nick and James for the awesome service that they have provided. I found the salon very cozy and clean. Nick was the one who adviced and explain to me of the hair buffet that they have and what is the best treatment for my hair. We ended up to have my hair cut, rebonded and C-curl perm. It took around 4hours after I got the best result of my hair. It really really gives me a fantastic experience seeing my hair done. Not only the result gave me a good experience but also Nick taught me how to have a salon look always which I can easily do to my hair. With this I was really lucky to find the “Searching Salon” you will never regret your hair experience once you step in this salon. Kudos to Nick and James for the wonderful and very comfortable experience that you have provided to me and my daughter

Jona de Guzman-Padilla

Nick has been my trusted hair stylist since 7 years ago when I was a teenager & never once disappointed me. He is patient and gives good recommendations. Just did a C-curl perm at Searching Salon today and was really satisfied with the results. Nick even took the extra step to guide me on how I should style my hair by myself at home and maintaining the curls. Overall, thumbs up for team Searching Salon!

Felicia Lee

I love the feeling of stepping into Searching Salon because I know that when i step out, I will be looking gorgeous with awesome hair well taken care by James and Nick.
With his candid and forthcoming personality, James do not overpromise anything that can’t be done. His sound advises always deliver results.
Really thankful that the team at Searching Salon is always exploring & bringing in good products. The new Olaplex products are totally amazing! they made my overly ill treated hair come back to life again.
The salon is very well maintained. Always clean and neat. The Searching Salon team is friendly and approachable. Most imptly, they are very skillful and experienced!
Looking forward to my next awesome hair experience there already!!

Shuzhen Hang

Professional, product quality and awesome service. Took up the “Hair Buffet Package” which is cut, highlight + silk ampule and it was worth every penny. Will come back again since I found a hair salon that understand my needs and taste.
Diyanah Md Noor

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