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Always searching for the ideal salon, but to no avail? Look no further. We offer professional hair services such as hair cut and wash, hair colour, hair perm, rebonding, hair treatment, and scalp restoration and are conveniently located in your friendly neighborhood, Tampines N2 | 201.

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Searching Salon Hoyu
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Scena+ Mucota

Naturally soft, smooth, and silky hair everyday.

Scena+ is a new exquisite treatment from Mucota that restores hair internally using ingredients found in the hair itself.

Mucota Scena+ is specially formulated for Asian hair types with Advance Nan0 CMC+ (Cell Membrane Comples), nano moisturizing amino acids, lipids, and proteins.

Our new advanced CMC+ penetrates through hair payers effectively and replenishes lost CMC, restoring hair internally.

Algana ±

A new standard for creative possibilities in hair design.

Hair feels softer, smoother with a healthy shine and more natural looking hair.

No harsh chemicals, 100% safe.

Less damaging than other treatments.

Tames frizzy hair.

Lasts up to 6 months or longer.

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